An audit of your email effectiveness from every angle

The best route to
email effectiveness

Email is the most powerful way to create valuable relationships with your customers and achieve the results you’re aiming for. But only if you use it effectively. With our unique Email 360° audit, we thoroughly analyse everything you’re doing to make sure your most profitable channel works as hard as it can.

How does it work?

Studying the relevance of your messaging, we’ll let you know if you’re hitting the mark when it comes to personalising relevant messaging for individuals and building email into the wider customer journey.

We’ll also test your emails’ compatibility, assessing their performance across every device and email platform.

To top it off we’ll evaluate your creative content, telling you what drives success, what needs to work harder, and what new routes you should consider taking.

Your comprehensive report

Leaving no pixel unturned, your Email 360° audit report will tell you exactly what’s needed to take your email marketing into the future. And if you like, we can continue working together to guide you through the strategy changes, data planning, design and build of your emails, and optimisations through our robust test-and-learn approach.

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